The Agony of Purchasing a New Condo that Smelled of Cigarette Smoke

brown haired girl giving testimonial about cigarette smoke removal

This customer had purchased her condo recently and was in the middle of major renovations including flooring in all of the rooms, bathroom renovations, and a full kitchen renovation. All of the flooring, including the carpet, tile, and existing wood had been removed, as well as the kitchen cabinets, and countertops. There were also no draperies in the unit so the odor wasn’t coming from there. There was really nothing left in the condo that she thought could be trapping this odor that she could smell. Looking back she realized that the reason there was an air freshener plugged into the wall was to mask the odors when they were showing the unit. The air freshener was so strong that she didn’t think at first it was being used to mask the real odors. 

She Tried Using a Solution of Vinegar and Water

That is when she started looking online and tried using a combination of vinegar and water and spraying it on the walls and anywhere that it could get to. But upon further internet research, she read that all of the door hinges, all of the air vents, and anywhere else the smoke could have reached would also need to be cleaned. She knew she didn’t have the time nor the energy to do this and didn’t think that would actually remove it even if she did clean all of the surfaces. Thinking it must be in the air ducts, she contacted an air duct company thinking cleaning out the air ducts was the solution, but they told her to call Green Solutions.

The Tie Between Cigarette Smoke, Fort Bragg, and MDF-500®

She spoke with Mark at Green solutions and he told her how a few years back they had removed the cigar odor from a cigar room at Fort Bragg, so he was confident it would work on her cigarette odor. She figured if they could remove cigar odor then they should be able to remove cigarette smoke odor from her condo. Her appointment was scheduled two days later and Green Solutions came out and fogged her unit. She and her cat only had to leave for about an hour while the technician completed the job. When she returned her condo had a fresh smell and didn’t smell of smoke. She was leery, but after two days of it still smelling odorless, she knew she would never smell the smoke again.

Hi my name is Dede and I live in the Savoy in Reston Town Center. I had contacted Green Solutions a year ago, a little over a year ago when I bought my condo and the previous owner had been a pretty heavy smoker and also had a couple of dogs I later found out. So there was a pretty strong odor in here mainly it was the cigarette smoke. I had tried everything. Um, the carpets had already been removed the kitchen cabinets were removed, and I could still smell it. I was spraying vinegar and water on the walls because I read that’s how you could get it out. And nothing would get it completely gone, I could still smell it. So Green Solutions came in it only took about an hour I left for, I came back it smelled fresh, and I’ve never smelled cigarette smoke again so I’m so happy I had called them and it smells nice and clean here now.

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