The Easy 3-Step Process to Fixing this Herndon, Virginia Water Leak

This Herndon, Virginia customer called Green Solutions after discovering a Water Leak- It was an easy 3-step repair process

This Herndon, Virginia customer called us because around Christmas he discovered black mold on the wall behind a picture in one of his upstairs bedrooms and also noticed what looked like a water leak on a brick wall in the living room. He was also suspicious that it might be water due to the location of the chimney behind the wall. He found Green Solutions on Home Advisor, and called them to investigate the cause of the mold. 

1- Assess- Green Solutions went in to assess the damage

They sent in a crew to remove some of the drywall and to find out the extent of the damage. The extent of the damage and what was causing the leak would have to be done first. They do as little damage to the area(s) as possible when assessing as to keep costs and repair labor down. 

2-The Fix

After the drywall was cut away, they discovered in both the upstairs bedroom and the downstairs living room that water was leaking behind the wall, between the wall and chimney. The flashing that was supposed to be preventing the water from leaking between the roof and the chimney had lost its seal allowing water to creep down the chimney into the home. 

3- Repair and leave home in good-as-new condition

After isolating the entire area so that any debris would not enter the rest of the house, they cut into and removed some of the drywall. They discovered wet insulation and black mold which confirmed it was a water leak. One of their technicians, Coy, removed the wet insulation and fogged the entire area with MDF-500® which not only kills mold but all viruses, bacteria, and fungi. The insulation was then replaced, and the drywall was repaired. The same thing had to be done in the upstairs bedroom where the leak was found to be more severe. The flash on the chimney was also repaired to prevent a water leak from happening again. The area was water tested but the true test came when it rained a few days later. There is no water leaking in anymore and the damaged areas are like new again.

Herndon Water Leak Customer Testimonial

Hi, my name is John. I live in Herndon. Talking about the mold we had in our house. We noticed some discoloration on the wall upstairs in the bedroom and then at Christmas Eve we noticed a little moisture coming down the chimney. So we decided to take a look and I cut into the wall and realized I had mold in the house. Checked in with Home Advisor and they referred Green Solutions to me and they reached out. They came in, they tore out you know a part of the ceiling here, they tore out the entire wall upstairs. They cleared the wall, cleared the mold and they put everything back to paint-ready condition. They were thorough. Seems like the job supervisor stayed on the phones to make sure they were doing things the proper way and you know, so far very happy with the result. We were concerned there was no rain coming up but they did get up and do a water test on the chimney, water tested it and it was a success. So I’m quite pleased with the results.

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