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MDF-500 For Mold Eradication

Purify the Air in Your Home and Protect Your Family

The presence of mold in the home or workplace is a very real concern. It is especially a concern for children, persons with respiratory ailments, and the elderly. Mold thrives in moisture filled environments such as bathrooms, basements, kitchens, and in areas surrounding a water leak or condensation. Black Mold is especially insidious and toxic. Its growth occurs in areas of moisture due to water damage, excessive humidly, water leaks, condensation, or flooding. The presence of mold can cause:

  • Eye irritation / itchy and watery eyes
  • Headache
  • Sore Throat
  • Skin Rash
  • Coughing and Sneezing
  • Tiredness
  • Shortness of breath
  • Nasal and sinus ailments including runny and stuffy nose, and sinus infections

If you suspect, see, or smell mold, you should attend to it immediately.

MDF-500® not only kills all mold, but it kills all mold spores as well – all at the molecular level. It is the only product on the market that has a “7-Log Kill”, which is a scientific term for the highest scientifically measured efficacy score possible – at a 99.9999% kill ratio – for mold, mold spores, bacteria, virus, rotifers, fungus, algae, pathogens, and allergens. MDF-500® is also 100% safe in that it carries a 0-Hazard Rating on the scientific Standard Hazard Rating Scale of 0 – 4. (Common household bleach is a 4 on the Hazard Scale). MDF-500® is EPA approved (USEPA #80346-1/2).  None of our competitors can claim a 7-Log Kill with a 0 Hazard Rating. This makes MDF-500® the best product on the market for mold remediation. Our product also completely eradicates the mold/mildew odor that exists in these environments. It does not mask the odor – it removes it.

Our Process:

  1. Evaluate the situation
  2. Find the source of the moisture and work with you on its correction
  3. Spray the entire area with MDF-500® to eliminate the mold at a molecular level
  4. Scrub the area affected and re-spray MDF-500®
  5. Remove the air vents and spray MDF-500® into the air ducts
  6. Use a HEPA Vacuum to pick up any dead mold spores
  7. Recommend post treatment testing from a reliable third-party source.
MDF-500 for Mold Remediation

Complete Mold Remediation Services – From A to Z

Mold Removal / Concrete Repair / Drywall Repair or Replacement

Green Solutions is a complete mold remediation/removal contractor. Not only do we kill / remove 100% of mold and mold spores, we can do whatever concrete or foundation repair, sealing, or plumbing work as necessary to remove the source the water/moisture problem. We also perform work necessary in replacing damaged drywall/insulation ready to paint. We are a “One-Stop-Shop” for the entire mold remediation job. Our patented product MDF-500 kills 100% of mold and all mold spores. MDF-500 is the best and safest product on the market to kill mold. Since our product is so effective, our work is often much less invasive and less costly than that of our competitors, whereby we do not have to tear out as much drywall as others may. Our product also eradicates unpleasant odors from pets, smoking, mold/mildew, cooking, etc. It does not mask the odor – it destroys the odor causing microbes at the molecular level. MDF-500 also kills all bacteria, viruses, algae, toxins, and allergens.

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