Green Solutions Using MDF-500®


Green Solutions For Complete Remediation Services

Water Damage

Water Damage

Kills Mold/Mold Spores and Disinfects Bacteria While Removing the Mildew Aroma Caused by Water Damage

Mold Removal / Remediation

Mold Removal

Effective on Surfaces, Air Space, Attic/Crawlspace, HVAC Ducting – Completely Deactivates All Types of Mold and Mold Spores

Fire and Smoke Damage

Fire and Smoke Damage

Eliminates the Smoke Odor Caused by Fire / Cigarettes / Cigar / Pets / Cooking / Etc.

Green Solutions – A Complete Remediation Contractor

We Do It All – From Start to Finish!

Green Solutions is a Complete Remediation Contractor
There is no need to hire several different contractors from various specialties to complete the project. We do it all – from start to finish! Since our product is so effective, our work is often much less invasive and less costly than that of our competitors, whereby we do not have to tear out as much drywall as others may. Green Solutions is a true “One-Stop-Shop” for any remediation project.

Source Repair 
In any remediation project, it is of primary importance to find the source of the problem and repair it. Regarding mold, the source is going to be either water/moisture intrusion, high humidity, exterior drainage, or a plumbing problem. Sometimes it is a combination of such causes. In order to remedy these common source problems, we provide the following services:

  1. Basement Waterproofing / Sealing
  2. Crawlspace Encapsulation / Waterproofing
  3. Foundation Repair
  4. Concrete / Block / Brick Repair
  5. Exterior Excavation / Drainage / French Drains
  6. Grading / Water Management
  7. Installation of Dehumidifiers / Air Vents / Ridge Vents
  8. Water Extraction / Drying
  9. Plumbing Repairs – With our associated Plumbing and Drain Contractor
  10. Roofing Repairs – With our associated Roofing Contractor
  11. HVAC Duct Cleaning – With our associated HVAC Duct Cleaning Contractor

Demolition / Debris Removal
As the source is being repaired, it may be necessary to remove some debris in the event damaged items such as wet/molded fiberglass insulation, drywall, carpet, baseboard, etc. are present We provide complete services to remove the affected items/debris and dispose of off-site.

Mold Removal / Remediation
It is then necessary to kill and remove all mold and mold spores, both behind the affected walls and in the entire area. We use our patented product, MDF-500®, which not only kills all mold, but it kills all mold spores as well – all at the molecular level. Our product also removes the moldy / mildew smell as well. We can apply the product as an atomized mist in the air and on / behind / under surfaces and as a foam or spray, before scrubbing, in the case of visible mold. We them use HEPA vacuums to vacuum up the dead mold and spores and sometimes air scrubbers to further purify the air in the affected area.

Restoration / Replacement / Finishing
Green solutions provides services to replace / repair an damaged items, such as:

  1. Drywall, Baseboard, and trim Replacement / Installation
  2. Insulation Replacement / Installation
  3. Painting

Our goal is to return your home / office to as new a state as possible in the minimum amount or time in a minimally invasive manner!

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